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Redbuds and "Good buds"


Has anyone noticed these gorgeous purply-pink trees lately? OMG they catch my eye every time
and I am lucky enough to have a few in my own backyard. I am no tree specialist but know just enough
to know I like these trees. Redbuds in bloom are one of the 1st signs spring is here, their heart shaped
leaves are native to Eastern North America. If you haven't noticed pay extra close attention and I can bet you will spot one.
For being a city girl I am such a sucker for beautiful landscape and trees! Can anyone else relate?

Redbuds and "Good buds" ....I know they rhyme in all but there is just a little correlation there right? I love both
Redbud trees and my "Good buds"; I am also lucky to have many of those in my life.
I am thankful for my old and new friendships and it is always special to work with friends.
Being able to help friends and family with their real estate need is such a fun and rewarding experience.
This is one reason I love my job!

Good Friday!

Happy Good Friday to you!

Who else gets the winter blues?! You are not the only one! I was born for sunshine and greatness. I am exceptionally grateful for 
all the beauty outside lately. Gods work is just amazing. Today is Good Friday, being raised Catholic that typically means fish fry's and 
the coming of Easter but it can also have another meaning.....just simply Good Friday to you. I hope you have a fabulous day.
Enjoy the weekend and the beautiful landscape of green grass, blooming flowers, a cool breeze and childrens' laughter.

Find a space at your home to call yours! I recently worked on mine and couldn't be more happy with the way it turned out.
It doesn't have to be anything big, even a corner will do. Corners are not just for time outs anymore, they can be a great place to escape.
The important part is the way this spot makes you feel. My new little nook makes me happy!

My Happy Place

Check out these links if you are looking to create a space of your own. And don't kid yourself I have a budget too...

Outdoor Decor

Throw Pillow

4 Piece Patio Set

Bear with me as I begin this world of blogging....more to come!

Buying Power - Take advantage of a great interest rate

If you have been thinking about buying now is the time?!? Waiting could cost you money!
Interest rates are still affordable, hanging around the 4.25% range for a 30 year fixed rate.
 As interest rates go up, your buying power goes down. So for example every 1% increase
in interest is a 10% decrease in your buying power. To put it in simple terms the higher
the interest rate the less you can afford, the lower the rate you can lock in the more you can afford!
Take a minute and give it some thought. I am happy to refer you to a great lender to get you
pre-approved. I would love to help you move to your next home.

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